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Key information

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    Terje Gaustad

    Gaustad is leader of the research group. His research interests are within creative competences and the creative industries. He has done most of his research and published on strategic storytelling, project strategy, production management, project financing, and media rights transactions.
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    The main goals of the group are to expand the knowledge base of leadership and management in creative organizations and processes, and our understanding of the role creative competences may play in leadership and management. The research group serves as formal and strategic owner of the field of research. 

    Among the thematic approaches the group covers are:

    • project and production management,
    • leadership and organization of creative and cultural institutions, organizations, and processes, and
    • applications of creative competences, such as storytelling, in leadership and management.

    Research areas

    The group aims to strengthen the research base of study programs related to creative industries and leadership across faculties such as Bachelor in Project Management for Art and Creative Industries (SADM), Executive Master of Management for the Creative Industries (SADM), Executive Master in Leadership (SCLM), Bachelor in Leadership and Service Strategy (SCLM), Bachelor in HR, Organizations Psychology, and Leadership (SCLM), and Master of Leadership (SCLM), as well as study programs in performing arts, design, creative writing, film, and media.