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Marianne Molin

Marianne Molin is professor at School of Health Sciences at Kristiania University College and is leader of this research group.
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The Research Group Public Health is an interdisciplinary group that focuses on a wide range of topics related to public health. Public health work deals with all measures that society implements that can affect the state of health in the population. It can, for example, be about facilitating healthy habits, regulations or bans on substances harmful to health, prevention of mental and somatic illness, injury or suffering and measures to equalize social inequalities in health. The members of the Research Group use both quantitative and qualitative methods in their projects. The research in the group is relevant for several bachelor's and master's studies at the college, in the fields of public health, physical activity and exercise, nutrition, psychology, pedagogy and osteopathy. 

Topics of special interest for the Research Group are Health Literacy, Critical Thinking, Social Media, Ageing and Health, Public Health Nutrition, Sports Sciences and Management, Physical Activity, Women`s Health, Migration Health, Health Policy and Economy, Global Health and Educational Research.  

The members of the Research Group have both national (e.g. OsloMet, Institute of Public Health, University of Oslo, NTNU, VID Scientific College University, Akershus University Hospital and Oslo University Hospital) and international partners (e.g. Alma Mater Europaea – ECM, Slovenia; Matej Bel University, Slovakia; University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Slovakia; Constantine The Philosopher University, Slovakia; University of Melbourne, Australia; Jorge University, Brazil; Tulane University, USA; The University of Georgia, USA; Harvard University, USA; TH Chan School of Public Health, USA; University of Washington, USA; University of Houston, USA). 

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