Centre for Design Studies serves as a hub for research into design across Kristiania and beyond. We are interested in exploring all aspects of design, including its results, methods, theory, culture and consequences. Research spans geographies and temporalities, looking not only at how design has shaped our history and present, both nationally and internationally but also at how it may affect possible futures. Adopting a cross-disciplinary understanding of design we focus on tangible objects of visual and material culture as well on systems and interactions.

Research Projects

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Research Groups CDS

  • Design Studies Forum

    Design Studies Forum is a transdisciplinary working group consisting of researchers with a scientific approach to design research (R&D)

  • TID Lab

    TID Lab promotes rigorous pedagogical research focused on game and design-based learning.


  • Trond Klevgaard

    Trond Klevgaard

    Leader and Associate Professor, PhD
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  • Adeline Hvidsten

    Adeline Hvidsten

    Leader and Associate Professor, PhD
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  • Synne Skjulstad

    Synne Skjulstad

    Associate Professor, PhD
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  • Margaret Rynning

    Margaret Rynning

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  • Anna Kirah

    Anna Kirah

    Assistant Professor
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  • Ranvir Rai

    Ranvir Rai

    Associate Professor, PhD
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  • Vårin Alme

    Vårin Alme

    External Research Partner, FFI
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