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Vesma Kontere Mcquillan

Mcquillan is professor at Westerdals institute of creativity, storytelling and design at Kristiania university college. Vesma is head of this Lab.
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The Lab is building on the foundations of, amongst others, architectural thinking, fashion criticism, brand communication, artificial intelligence, and visual and social media. It seeks to redefine design processes and working methods while also introducing new perspectives on how abstract ideas, their mediations, and physical construction interact.

TYP-0.Lab  was founded during the development of a book, Fashion Spaces/A Theoretical View, which was published in 2020 by Frame Publishers. The book proposes a new typology, Fashion Spaces, which extends beyond fashion shows and into retail design and urbanism. The book is available online.

In 2021, TYP-0.Lab formed a long-term strategic partnership with the newly established International Library of Fashion Research in Oslo. The goal is to create a new type of space that starts with a physical site at the National Musesum and builds on the principles of fashion spaces while incorporating the library's research and educational aspects. Read about the collaboration in Wallpaper*

Typ-0. Lab brings together three schools: the School of Art, Design, and Media (SADM), the School of Economics, Innovation, and Technology (SEIT), and the School of Communication, Leadership, and Marketing (SCLM).

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