Faltin Karlsen

    • Professor
    • Prodekan
  • School CLM administrasjon
  • School of Communication, Leadership and Marketing


Faltin Karlsen is professor of media studies at Kristiania University College. He conducts research on media users, computer games and game culture with special attention to public discourses about media effects and questions concerning media violence, problem gaming and people who are opting out of digital media.

Karlsen is currently member of the research project Intrusive media, ambivalent users, digital detox (Digitox) which runs to 2023. The project conducts research on the media business and on people who chose to disconnect from, or restrict, their use of digital media. Karlsen will focus on actors in the media industry and dilemmas they face in a tough market with growing public concerns about negative aspects of digital media.

Together with Kristine Jørgensen he has co-edited the anthology Transgression in Games and Play (2018) and has written the book A World of Excesses: Online Games and Excessive Playing (2013).


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