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Hans Gunnar Brekke

Hans Gunnar Brekke is an associate professor and program director for the Bachelor's in Visual Effects at Westerdals Institute for Film and Media, Kristiania University College. Brekke is the leader of this research group.
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PRISMA’s pedagogical development and research work revolves around creating a new pedagogical model at WIFM grounded on student-centered pillars, including interdisciplinary teamwork, problem-based learning (PBL), and peer feedback.  

Central to this work is the development of the new joint semester Media Art Innovation Lab (MAIL) in Spring 2025 that brings together all students from the six study programmes at WIFM in interdisciplinary and innovative collaboration. The educational philosophy that will characterize MAIL is intended to trickle into all WIFM study programmes, and it will be shared widely at Kristiania as well as at conferences and other national and international initiatives.  

PRISMA aims to create new forms of internal and external cooperation and to drive the project forward by facilitating an ongoing forum for the diverse range of perspectives and expertise contributed by educators and students alike. The various development, research, and outreach activities seek to ensure that the project remains closely aligned with the ever-evolving media art landscape. 

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