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The Lab study technology-centred innovation processes in several empirical domains to understand their emergence and evolution dynamics and help organizations harness the digital transformation wave. The Lab will also provide students and the public with the state-of-the-art knowledge and tools to support the responsible digital and business transformations from a socio-technical perspective.   

The Lab focus on three main areas of research: 

Digitalization, digital transformation, and technology innovation focus on using state-of-the-art technological solutions to support society and organizational digital transformation plans, process and product innovation and meeting sustainability objectives.​ 

Enterprise Systems focuses on rejuvenating enterprise system applications and optimizing processes through state-of-the-art technologies to meet sustainability and enterprise automation objectives.​ 

Data Science & Analytics focuses on using data science and analytics algorithms and tools for (big) data to enhance the data-driven decision-making processes in public and private organizations and enhance the data reporting capabilities of those organizations.​