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Our goal is to develop novel data-driven methods to be used on tiniest components of Smart Environment infrastructure to guard privacy and ensure security. AI has proven to be an efficient and resilient measure to combat cybercrimes when it comes to Big Data. The research activities are aimed at different areas both in software development and IoT hardware-wise design approach. The lab is hosted at the School of Economics, Innovation, and Technology, Kristiania University College and utilizes both national and international experience in a given domain supported by a public-private partnership and industrial collaboration.

Core research objectives:

  •     Building Deep Learning energy-efficient methods for network data processing
  •     Researching new cybersecurity frameworks for resource-constrained environments
  •     New security reference models for Smart Environments
  •     Developing “green” AI-protected IoT devices
  •     Rethinking cybersecurity in the domain of Smart Applications
  •     Establishing Security-as-a Service distributed monitoring over IoT ecosystem

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