Date: April, 23 - 26, 2024

Venue: Kristiania University College, Department of Performing Arts, Urtegata 9, Oslo (Norway)

Call for papers

NOFOD (The Nordic Forum for Dance Research) is a non-profit organization that promotes collaboration between dance scholars and practitioners. This it does by arranging seminars and conferences as well as spreading information through discussions, performances and publications on dance. The purpose of the organization is to enhance, empower and bring together diverse forms of dance research, knowledge and practice especially in the Nordic context.

NOFOD conference 2024: The Dancer and the Dance: practices, education, communities, traditions, and histories

Throughout history the dancer has amongst other things been the focus of attention, admiration, despise and contempt. Being the situation for dance movement, steps, dances and choreography, the human body, and embodied practices are central in most dance contexts. Historically dance is practised, transformed, adapted, choreographed, invented, renewed, passed on, conserved, and understood as ever changing. One could argue that there is a mutual dependency between the dancer and the dance and that without the dancer dance simply does not exist, or is that necessarily so?

The 16th NOFOD conference addresses dancers’ experiences and actions, as well as different understandings of the dancer, dance, and dancing. We invite presentations investigating the dancer, the dance, and their relationship from various perspectives and contexts.