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  • Duration: 2023 -->
  • Participants: Dr. Noha El-Ganainy (leader), Prof. Michael Riegler (SimulaMet- Oslo), Prof. Heba Shaban (Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport- AASTMT- Egypt), Prof. Moutaz Haddara (SEIT- Kristiania- Oslo), Dr. Huamin Ren (SEIT- Kristiania- Oslo), Dr. Yuan Lin (SEIT- Kristiania- Bergen), Dr. Gabriel Balaban (SEIT- Kristiania- Oslo), Dr. Dan-Mikeal Ellingsen (SHS- Kristiania – Oslo), Dr. Martin Frank Strand (SHS- Kristiania – Oslo)

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Noha El-Ganainy is associate professor at School of Economics, Innovation and Technology at Kristiania University College. She is the leader of this resarch group.
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The AI lab focuses on research related to Artificial Intelligence and Smart Systems. The Lab’s Research orientation includes the development of AI methods and applying advanced analytics for multi and interdisciplinary fields to develop sustainable, cognitive smart systems. The strategic research interests include development of innovative tools for health and biomedical applications, smart management and load adaptation in the energy sector, and innovative solutions for community and market-based applications.

Current Research Projects:

New applications of large language models.


1- Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium- NORA

2- NORA Startups.

3- IdeasLab, Kristiania, Oslo.

4- Wireless Networks & Communications research group, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, AASTMT, Egypt.