The discipline of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) involves knowledge and understanding of the system interfaces and the humans that interacts with them. The aim of this research area is to be able to build interfaces that work, and to evaluate them. Achieving this goal, requires a thorough understanding of the abilities and constraints of the people using computer interfaces.

Models and theories applied in the field of HCI come from a range of different areas, like psychology, sociology and computer science, in addition to some theories developed specifically for HCI.

In this course, the student will be introduced to theories and frameworks commonly used in the area of HCI, in addition to becoming familiar with typical research issues and challenges studied in the field. The students will learn how to write a reaction paper.



The student...

  • is able to demonstrate deep knowledge of tools and methodologies for research in HCI
  • is able to give an overview of typical research issues studied in HCI
  • is able to demonstrate broad knowledge of principles, methodologies and theories applied in HCI


The student...

  • is able to plan research projects within HCI
  • is able to choose appropriate methods, frameworks and tools

General competence 

The student...

  • is able to reflect upon the cross-disciplinary foundation of HCI from psychology, sociology and computer science
  • is able to read, reflect on, and assess research papers
  • is able to critically reflect on academic work in a reaction paper

Emnet inngår i

Master in Human-Computer Interaction


Block mode. Lectures, exercise and presentation/discussion in class.

Anbefalt tidsbruk

Lectures and student guidance: 36 hours

Self-study: 76 hours

Preparation for presentation/discussion in class: 25 hours

Exercise: 23 hours

Assessment: 40 hours

Total: 200 hours

Obligatorisk aktivitet

Coursework requirements: Consist of one or more assignments/activities that collectively must be approved 

Qualified: G/IG (approved/not approved) 

Support materials: All support materials are allowed 

The coursework must be approved in order to take any examination in the course. 


Exam type: Individual written home examination*

Duration: 3 weeks

Grading scale: Norwegian grading system using the graded scale A - F where A is the best grade, E is the lowest pass grade and F is fail 

Weighting: 100 % of the overall grade 

Support materials: All support materials are allowed 


*Resit examination: New assignment with a duration of 10 days.