Morten Irgens is the dean of School of Economics, Innovation and Technology
Morten Irgens is the dean of School of Economics, Innovation and TechnologyFoto: Mike Reed

The School of Economics, Innovation, and Technology delivers research and study programmes at bachelor and master level, and will soon establish a doctoral programme in technology. The emphasis is on economics, innovation and digitisation, including computer science, information systems and interaction between technology and human beings.

The department is expanding its online offers and offers in further and continuing education in cooperation with working life.

The department has well-established research groups and research labs at a high international level.

The School of Economics, Innovation, and Technology has two departments and a joint administration.

Department of Technology 

The Department of Technology's academic profile relates to information systems (IS) and computer science. This is covered by the fields of information science, information technology and computer science.

The department has three research groups, one within Applied Computer Science, one within Information Systems and one in the field of didactics. These support and collect research specifically related to our master programmes in the same areas, but also all teaching at the department. The department also has three labs that also help to focus the research efforts, especially in connection with PhD and master fellowships at the department. These are the Behaviour Lab, the Mobile Technology Lab and Evolutionary Enterprise Testing.

Department of Economics and Innovation 

The Department for Economics and Innovation's academic profile relates to research into innovation in organisations and research primarily aimed at social economics.

In innovation, research is linked to how organisations undergo changes to create value for their customers and society as a whole. This includes how organisations involve their customers and users in the development of new products and services. The research is also based on the management of innovations and their implementation in organisations.

In economics, research is based broadly on microeconomics, as well as macroeconomics.

The department offers a bachelor programme in economics and administration (master in business and economics) and innovation. There are several new study programmes in the pipeline at both master and bachelor level.