Duration:2 years

Artificial Intelligence

Do you want to shape tomorrow's technological landscape? This master's program provides you with both theoretical frameworks and best practices from the industry.

Key information

  • Opportunity for specialization

    In the third semester, you have elective courses totaling 30 study credits. Read more at the bottom of the page.
  • Exchange

    You can apply for an exchange program in the third semester. Read more at the bottom of the page.
  • Strong academic environment

    The academic environment has well-established research groups and research labs at a high international level.
  • Admission requirements

    Read more at the bottom of the page.
  • Master
  • Fall 2024
  • Full-time
  • 120 Points
  • Oslo
  • 2 years
  • English

Learning outcomes

At this master's program, you will develop a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts in artificial intelligence and data analysis. You will also gain broad knowledge of various artificial intelligence algorithms, from classical to advanced, and the ability to develop, evaluate, and apply them. The instruction will be conducted in English.

Through courses such as Big Data Systems and Advanced Machine Intelligence and Deep Learning, you will acquire comprehensive knowledge of the software tools used in artificial intelligence algorithms and advanced data analysis. The course Ethics, Sustainability, and Society will provide in-depth understanding of the ethical aspects related to the development of artificial intelligence algorithms, as well as crucial awareness of sustainability requirements in the field.

Students will be affiliated with the research environment at Kristiania, such as the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (TheAILab), and all research groups at the School of Economics, Innovation, and Technology working within the corresponding field. This includes MOTEL, AISE, SmartSecLab, and other relevant units.

Study model

This master's degree lasts two academic years, and each academic year is divided into two semesters. Here you can see an overview of compulsory subjects and what opportunities you have for practice, exchange and specialization. We reserve the right to make changes.
120 total ECTS credits
60 ECTS credits
1. semester
2. semester

7.5 ECTS

7.5 ECTS

7.5 ECTS

7.5 ECTS

7.5 ECTS

7.5 ECTS

7.5 ECTS

7.5 ECTS
  • MS404Master's Thesis

    The master's thesis is a research project in which students will apply the knowledge acquired during their studies. It is a crafted scholarly document presenting research questions and original arguments based on scientific methods under the guidance of an advisor. The choice of topic and the methods used should be informed by the field of study. The thesis gives the student the opportunity to demonstrate expertise in their chosen research area. Students will acquire specialized problem-solving skills, be able to plan and conduct the steps in the research and/or development process at a high methodological standard. They shall take responsibility to conduct a well planned and executed project.

  • VALUTV99930MElective or Exchange 30 ECTS

    Du kan lese mer om dine valgmuligheter i dette semesteret

Career Opportunities

Our graduates will be ready for leadership roles in artificial intelligence and data analysis across various organizations. Career opportunities include:

  • Data Analyst
  • Artificial Intelligence Consultant
  • Data Scientist

Upon completion of the master's degree, you will have several academic career options, including participation in the doctoral program in Applied Information Technologies at Kristiania. Alternatively, you can pursue similar doctoral programs at other Norwegian universities or internationally.

This opens doors for a deeper exploration of applied information technology, providing candidates with the opportunity to contribute to research, innovation, and development at a higher level. With this academic background, graduates can take on leadership roles in the research community and shape the future technological landscape

Meet the faculty

  • How we work

    The master's program aims to develop both students' technical knowledge (hard skills) and interpersonal skills (soft skills). Your competence is cultivated through activities such as traditional lectures, individual and group presentations, project-based learning, and group/team assignments. These activities also aim to enhance your interpersonal skills, including communication, presentation, collaboration, problem-solving, and project planning/management.

    Additionally, we invite you to guest lectures by experts in the field and industry, participation in industry events, as well as workshops and other contexts where guest speakers, external organizations, and industry stakeholders are involved. This provides you with insights into the real world and prepares you well for the demands of the professional environment.

  • Campus Life

    Kristiania is a place where everyone fits in, yet you study alongside others who are equally passionate about the same things as you. An education from Kristiania is practical-oriented. This ensures that our students are sought after in the job market, even before they graduate. Student associations allow for close bonds to be formed over shared interests, while incubators like Loftet and Bryggeriet create a vibrant and inspiring environment for students' own businesses.
Graduates from this master's program can assume leadership roles in various organizations within artificial intelligence and data analysis.

This is the application process

Here you will find important information about the application process and how you can best prepare for the start of your studies.
  • Important deadlines

    The application deadline is 15. April 2023. The documentation deadline for diplomas and certificates is 1. July 2023. Note that 15. April 2023 falls on a Saturday.
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  • Processing time

    For study programs with rolling admissions, you will receive a conditional offer within 1–3 days of submitting the application, if there are available slots for the study program you applied for.
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  • How to apply

    Min Side for søkere is where you accept the offer and upload necessary documentation for your qualifications.
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  • Semester registration

    You must register and confirm your individual education plan before you are reported as an active student to the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, and to gain access to your subjects in Canvas, the learning platform.
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  • SiO (Oslo) and Sammen (Bergen)

    SiO and Sammen offers housing, health services, kindergardens, fitness centers and much more to its members.
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  • Loans and grants

    All our study programs are publicly approved and give the right to apply for loans and grants from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen).
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  • Services and adaptations

    As a student, you can get guidance, everyday adaptation and follow-up on study-related questions and challenges. We have a duty of confidentiality.
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  • Mitt Kristiania

    This is where you get an overview of your schedule, syllabus, services and other tools you need as a student.
    Mitt Kristiania
  • Student ID card

    As a new student, you can have a student card made on all our campuses except the Brenneriveien Campus. Your student card serves as an access card at the college’s campuses, ID for exams, payment card for printers and library card.
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