At Kristiania, we aim to support PhD candidates in creating new research-based knowledge in the forefront of their respective field of research and to succeed after graduation. Candidates are expected to continue either as professional academic researchers or in a professional career outside of academia, whether in private companies or public institutions, where their sophisticated research skills are in high demand.

To achieve this objective, Kristiania’s School of Doctoral Studies places large emphasis on:

  • Ensuring relevant state-of-the-art PhD courses
  • Ensuring a high academic level of the PhD programmes through continuous quality assurance, development of existing PhD courses and supporting the development of new courses
  • Developing and ensuring the quality of PhD supervision
  • Supporting the PhD candidates in presenting their projects at international conferences, in publishing their research and in their studies abroad
  • Attracting leading international researchers to the activities of the PhD school, as teachers in PhD courses, as discussants in work-in-progress seminars, as supervisors and as members in PhD thesis assessment committees
  • Establishing institutionalised cooperative agreements with international researchers and research environments
  • Maintaining a forum for PhD candidates with seminars on professional, practical, and psychosocial matters that aims to support them through a holistic approach
  • Establishing and maintaining a forum for the development of ideas and best practices, in support of PhD activities in the different departments of Kristiania

The School of Doctoral Studies is linked with all active academic research environments at Kristiania.

In the years ahead, the School of Doctoral Studies will expand its portfolio of doctoral programmes. The ambition is to become Norway's first private university. A university that aims to provide candidates with exceptional labor market relevant skills, knowledge, and competences in close cooperation with private and public sector employers. Kristiania offers study programmes all the way from vocational school to doctorate.

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  • Nearly 12 million NOK from The Research Council of Norway to research project PHOTOFAKE

    Nearly 12 million NOK from The Research Council of Norway to research project PHOTOFAKE

    Research project “PHOTOFAKE – Visual Disinformation, the Digital Economy and the Epistemology of the Camera Image” was granted nearly 12 million NOK from The Research Council of Norway.
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  • When political satire is no joke

    When political satire is no joke

    The Iranian scholar Dr. Mahmud Farjami has lived in exile since 2010, this past year in Oslo, working for Kristiania University College. Since childhood he has loved to tell jokes, but this quality has not always been appreciated. He was 9 the first time he was expelled from school.
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  • Professor Andrea Arcuri receives prestigious grant

    Professor Andrea Arcuri receives prestigious grant

    Professor Arcuri at Kristiania University College has been awarded EUR 2 million from the European Research Council (ERC). The funds will be used to research technologies that identify errors in enterprise software.
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