The most important thing to remember

  • Tre studenter jobber sammen.

    1. Start with the checklist for new students

    At the start of school, you get access to Mitt Kristiania, among other things. There you will find information especially for you, and access to register for the semester. 

    Open checklist for new students

  • 2. Start of studies

    Into Campus
    The four-day event is the introduction to your student life at Kristiania. It starts with Kristiania's opening ceremony on Monday 14 August at 2pm in Oslo, and on Tuesday 15 August in Bergen. 

    Start of teaching

    • Start of studies: Teaching for students in Oslo and Bergen starts for most in week 34, i.e. the week from Monday 21 August.
    • Time and place for attendance for your study program: You´ll find this in the student portal " Mitt Kristiania ". You will have access to this student portal from 5 August. 
  • To studenter står på gata og ser i kamera.

    3. FAQ for the start of studies

    Use this when you are wondering about something. 

    Frequently asked questions at the start of studies