Studenter jobber med briller for eye tracking. Master of Information Systems – Digital Business Systems ved Høyskolen Kristiania.

Master - Oslo

Information Systems – Digital Business Systems

This is the course that turns you into a bridge builder between technology and organisations.

Application deadline
15. April
Start date
Fall 2022
51 200 kr per semester
Form type
2 years
Admission requirements
Program description

Admission closed 2021

It is no longer possible to apply for campus studies at Kristiania University College with admission in the autumn of 2021.

Information Systems is both a profession and an academic discipline aimed at bridging the gap between the technical possibilities provided by IT and the needs of businesses. On this course, you will further develop your analytical skills and will be able to qualify for leading positions related to organisational development and the implementation of business-based IT solutions.

Throughout the course, you will develop knowledge and skills concerning information systems at an individual, organisational and societal level. Based on real cases from the industry and public companies, you will learn to see the possibilities provided by technology, and improve and create new solutions.

Professionalism, independence, methodology and critical reflection are crucial at the master's level.

What do you learn? 

With a Master of Science in Digital Business Systems, you will learn to analyse, configure, and implement central business systems. In addition, you will be able to design and recommend business solutions such as ERP, CRM, Supply Chain Management Systems, Google Analytics and BI solutions.

You will also gain "hands on" experience with technologies related to ERP, Internet of Things in Business, Digital marketing and Consumer Neuroscience, Information Visualisation and Dashboards.

During your time on the course with us, we will also go into depth on topics such as: 

  • Relevant research within the discipline of Information Systems
  • Strategic use of social media
  • ERP, CRM and Supply Chain Management
  • IT management
  • Digital marketing and Consumer Neuroscience
  • Project management and agile methods
  • Business intelligence and dashboards
  • Internet of Things within a business context
  • Research methods

Job opportunities

This is a highly sought after course designed for the job market of the future. The need for quality IT candidates is enormous, and on this course, you will gain the tools and knowledge the industry is looking for. 

After completion of the course, you are able to work as a: 

  • Business analyst
  • ERP and CRM consultant
  • Digital marketer
  • IT manager
  • Project manager within business development 

Several of our alumni of this course have received relevant jobs in companies such as SAP, Xledger, SAS and Microsoft. 

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Study programme leader

Moutaz Haddara
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