Helene Sætersdal fotografert i atriumet til Høyskolen Kritiania
Helene Sætersdal is dean at School of Communication, Leadership, and Marketing

The programmes are closely related to practice and provide students with a good insight into the working life that they will encounter after completing their studies.

The school is characterised by good educators and a high level of satisfaction in student surveys. The school has active researchers and research groups. A targeted structuring of the research in the school is implemented in order to develop an interdisciplinary PhD programme in communication and management.

Department of Communication

The Department of Communication works in fields such as journalism, strategic communication, public relations, social media, influence and creative marketing communications. There are several education programmes in these areas, as well as research that excels both nationally and internationally.

The subjects in communication are utilized with an interdisciplinary perspective. This concerns professional communication and understanding how communication takes place within culture, society and organisations. In this way, communication is also an area of expertise that all disciplines can utilise, and which means that this department is involved with many other disciplines.

The teaching emphasises proximity to working life, with offers of studies both at the college and as flexible online studies. The department is involved with teaching activities at all levels, as 1-year courses, bachelor degrees, master degrees (from 2020) and also at doctoral level.

Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing is one of Norway's leading professional environments in market-related subjects. The department has an active research environment, and is continuously working to increase research and further develop an internationally leading academic environment.

Marketing is a well-defined area of business literature, and includes areas that deal with processes for how businesses create, communicate and deliver value for their customers. It also concerns how relationships between customers and businesses benefit the organisation and its stakeholders.

Marketing and innovation are academic fields that are largely based on research and development in economics. The focus of the Department of Marketing is on how businesses create value for their customers.

Department of Management and Organization

The Department of Management and Organization's most extensive and most important field is centred on HRM (Human Resource Management) and leadership. There is an active research environment at the department, and the research is regularly published in reputable international journals.

The main emphasis of the department's research activity is within HRM and leadership. Teaching and research are also carried out in the field of procurement management.

The themes of the research conducted at the Department of Management and Organization are related to willpower and leadership, hormones and management, change management, leadership development and gender quotas and self-management.