• Project period: 2021 - 2026
  • Category: In-house Project


The DigiLove project focuses on dating platforms and dating apps, and users of these technologies. Digital dating is a large industry which has had a crucial impact on how people form romantic relationships, especially young adults. The number of involuntary singles has been rising significantly in industrialized societies, and dating technologies is the main way couples meet today. Dating practices and dating rituals in one focal point of this project. The project also aims to explore to what extent dating technology live up to their promises through analyses of monetization models, platforms characteristics, and platform design.


The project is financed by Kristiania University College


  • Lene Pettersen

    Lene Pettersen

    • Project manager
    • Associate Professor

    Kristiania University College

    Institutt for kommunikasjon

    Lene Pettersen
  • Faltin Karlsen

    Faltin Karlsen

    • Professor
    • Pro-Dean

    Kristiania University College

    School CLM administrasjon

    Faltin Karlsen


  • Pettersen, Lene & Karlsen, Faltin (2022). Match made in the technical heaven – a discourse analysis of dating technologies.