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Information Systems - Management & Innovation (part-time)

This course is for those who want a career as a business analyst, aiming towards a leadership position, and who will not only understand but also develop the technology of tomorrow.

Start date
Fall 2020
33 200 kr per semester
1900 kr for registration
Form type
3 years
Admission requirements
Yes, see below
Subject to change

Information Systems is both a profession and an academic discipline aimed at bridging the gap between the technical possibilities provided by IT and the needs of businesses. This course provides you with the expertise to enter into managerial positions and particularly demanding consultancy positions related to IT.

Throughout the course, you will develop knowledge and skills concerning innovative IT solutions, strategies and methods that are essential to businesses and industry both now and in the future.

Among other things, you will learn both the theory and practice of planning and implementing projects and risk management, and gain an in-depth knowledge of various concepts concerning IT architecture and security, as well as methods for innovative processes. This makes you a highly sought after candidate within the job market. 

What do you learn?

The teaching takes place in English and is built up of modules. With a dedicated focus on a single topic, students and lecturers are given the opportunity to delve deep into each individual subject area.

In addition, the curriculum is dynamic and provides room for custom lectures that take into account the latest trends and technologies being used in the industry.

Topics we will focus on during the course include: 

  • Relevant research within the discipline of Information Systems
  • Strategic use of social media
  • IT and innovation
  • IT strategy and business architecture
  • IT management
  • Management of agile IT projects
  • Risks and security associated with IT solutions
  • Digital platforms and service innovation
  • Research methods

You will develop sought-after skills within concept development of new IT services, project management, architecture, research methods and business architecture, to name but a few. 

The programme focuses specifically on the management of large and complex IT projects and the strategic management of IT within businesses. Emphasis is placed on how businesses can utilise IT for innovation and business development.

Job opportunities

Kristiania University College collaborates closely with the industry, which has helped former students gain relevant employment quickly following completion of their studies. Lecturers come from both the industry and academia, and the college has extensive experience with this course.

With a Master in Management & Innovation, you are able to work as, among others, a: 

  • Business architect
  • Project manager
  • IT security consultant
  • IT advisor/consultant
  • IT manager
  • Business developer
  • IT concept developer

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