Who can use the library?

All bachelor and master students, as well as all staff at Kristiania University College, can take advantage of the library’s offerings, both physical libraries and online services.

How to borrow and return?

All students and staff can borrow and return at any campus, regardless of department affiliation. You will need your student card to borrow using the vending machine, or you can borrow using your ID at the counter. Books and films are borrowed and returned using the vending machine. Games, consoles and other equipment are borrowed and returned at the counter. Ask at the counter if you need assistance for borrowing or returns.

Borrowing periods

‣ One day borrowing (dagslån): Books and films that form part of the curriculum must be returned on the same day as they are borrowed within the college’s opening hours. Thus ensuring everyone has equal opportunity to make use of the curriculum collection.

‣ Ordinary borrowing: All materials owned by the library that are not subject to one day borrowing, have a borrowing period of two weeks including automatic renewal, unless there is a waiting list. Meaning you do not have to renew your borrowed items, the library system does it for you.

‣ Remote borrowing: Borrowing from other libraries has a four week lending period from the time the material is collected. For remote borrowing there is no automatic renewal, contact the library (biblioteket@kristiania.no) for the possibility of renewal, or renew by yourself using Oria.

Not available for borrowing: Newspapers and reference works.

If items are not returned by the deadline, a fine will be charged including any claim for compensation (see below).

Renewal of borrowed items

‣ Students: All items borrowed except for one day borrowing (dagslån) are renewed automatically for a period of up to 180 days unless there is a waiting list for the item. If a waiting list exists, the book must be returned within the given deadline to avoid any fines and to ensure others do not need to wait unnecessarily.

‣ Staff: All items borrowed except for one day borrowing are renewed automatically for a period of up to 365 days. If a waiting list exists, the book must be returned within the given deadline.

Reserving materials

If you wish to borrow something that is currently on loan, you can reserve the item using ‘My Account’ in Oria. You can only reserve items that are currently on loan. If what you wish to borrow is on the shelf, this must be borrowed in the normal fashion. Reserved material can only be collected by the person who ordered it.

Interlibrary loan (borrowing from other libraries)

All students and staff can order books from other libraries through Oria. We do not borrow from others any material that exists in our own collection.

When the borrowing period is over

If there is no waiting list or remote loan, your borrowed items are renewed automatically. You will be notified when your auto-renewal limit is approaching. If there is a waiting list, the borrowed item must be returned by the due date. You will receive a reminder 1 day before the borrowed item must be returned. Remember that you can always check the deadline for returns using ‘My Account’ in Oria and on the screen when you borrow from the self-service machine.

Reminders and claims for compensation

If you have not returned items by the deadline, reminder fines will be charged. A reminder fine of up to 120.- will be charged per book. Reminder fines are payable at one of our counters during opening times. Following a period of 8 days a claim for compensation of 850.- for each item will be added to the reminder fine. You may choose to replace the material within a period of 5 working days following the notice of a compensation claim having been sent. If not, you have to pay the claim for compensation. Once the invoice is sent, it is no longer possible to replace the material in any other way and the invoice must be paid.

‣ Freezing your library borrowing card: Students who have received claims for compensation or owe 100.- or more lose their right to borrow, reserve, renew and order items/article copies. The freeze will be lifted when the fine/claim for compensation has been paid.

 Debt collection: The finance department is responsible for collecting the claim, which in case of non-payment is submitted to debt collection. After the claim for compensation has been submitted for debt collection, the case is no longer at the library. Questions must be addressed to the college’s finance department.

Lost or damaged materials

If you have been unlucky and lost or damaged what you have borrowed, the material must be replaced. You may choose to purchase what has been lost/damaged and give this to the library, or you can pay a claim for compensation. Please let the library know and we will find a solution.

Periodical databases and ordering of copies

The library subscribes to a number of full-text periodicals that the students can download and print themselves. It is possible to get access to the databases from home.

Ordering articles is limited to academic literature relevant to the studies. If in doubt, please contact the library (biblioteket@kristiania.no) and ask for evaluation assistance. Collection notification is forwarded via e-mail and the students retrieve the articles from the library counter by themselves. Staff get articles delivered in internal mail.

Data protection at the library

The library is, according to the Personal Data Act, obliged to treat all information about its users (students and staff) confidentially and to only retain information in accordance with the provisions of the University and Colleges Act and contracts of employment *. All data on borrowing and personal data must be deleted when these are no longer required. The library does not have the opportunity to store a history of borrowing.

All Norwegian libraries are subject to a duty of confidentiality. Under to this duty of confidentiality, no information about users is disclosed to anyone other than the library’s employees, either externally or internally. An exception exists for cases involving compensation, as these are invoiced through the university college’s invoice system and finance department.

Exam papers at the library

College theses (bachelor and master theses) from Kristiania University College shall never be accessible in the library showing the name of the student unless the student has provided his/her express consent.

Personal borrowing card

In accordance with the privacy policy guidelines, the borrowing card is personal and cannot be used by others. Reserved material can only be collected by the person who ordered it.

* Students are automatically registered as library users, using the same information as in the ordinary student register. In order for you to use the library system (Oria), organise your own borrowing and forward any orders, this information is forwarded to BIBSYS and Libriotech. You can read about the personal data protection declaration for Oria here.