Landscape on the left hand side and a white animal on the right hand side, together with graphic elements in pink, green and burgundy.
Photo: Synne Skjulstad (iPhone/tv glitches)

Dates: 18th & 19th of March 2024

Venue: Fjerdingen, Chr. Krohgs gate 32, Oslo

Free entrance

Program and time shedule to be announced in February

Technology has always been an integral part of the creation, production, distribution, and consumption of art in all its various forms. This complex interplay between art and technology has grown increasingly prominent in contemporary art practice, as available technologies grow more and more complex. As such, art and technology can be intimately intertwined, with technology often serving as a catalyst for artistic innovation. By the same token, artists have pushed above and beyond the limits of current technology and have facilitated and contributed to technological innovation. The evolution of this relationship reflects not only changes in artistic practices but also mirrors shifts in society, culture, aesthetics, and our understanding of the world.

New and emerging technologies represent a reservoir of possibilities and opportunities, but they also embody a Pandora’s box of deepfakes and reality distortion and are perceived by many as a threat to human artistic creativity. Together with ethical issues, technology also influences traditional aesthetics and raises both artistic and philosophical questions - e.g., what is art, reality, and originality? Do all arts/artists embrace/respond positively towards technology, and if not why? Where is the line between new technologies as gimmicks and their artistic application?

This year's AR@K symposium presents contributions that explore the dynamic intersection of art and technology. Contributions will be clearly related to an artistic practice.