AR@K24 symposium The Artist, The Ghost and The Machine mot en todelt bakgrunn i grønnfarger

Dates: 18 & 19 March

Venue: Fjerdingen, Chr. Krohgs gate 32, Oslo

Entrance: Free registration here

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Time schedule 19 March: Download PDF

AR@K24: Art and Technology

Welcome to the sixth annual artistic research symposium at Kristiania. Welcome to ARaK #6! A special welcome is extended to The Artistic Research Spring Forum 2024. It forms a wonderful addition to the symposium, and we are thrilled and honoured hosting their forum.

Over the years the symposium has embraced a diversity of themes key to artistic research. Participants from near and far have transcended traditional disciplinary boundaries, blending artistic practice with scholarly investigation to generate new insights, perspectives, and modes of expression.

Again, this year we invite you to engage in a process of discovery through experimentation, exploration, reflexivity, discussions etc., a process that is as much about asking questions as it is about finding answers. Presentations, keynotes, performances, workshops, panel talks, exhibitions, and an interactive installation make up the program.

Art and technology are not separate domains screened off from each other. They are both “a soaring exercise of the human imagination” as Danel Bell noted in The Winding Passage (1980). The exchange between art and technology offers a vast potential for creativity and knowledge building but also holds ethical pitfalls.

Technology serves as a catalyst for creative exploration, providing us with new tools, techniques, and mediums for experimentation and expression. Technology enables us to engage with contemporary issues and concerns in innovative ways, from environmental sustainability and social justice to the ethical implications of emerging technologies. Concurrently the ethics of technology-generated content, and the impact of automation on creative labor must be continually considered.

Program schedule 18 March

  • The whole day: Interactive pop-up exhibition: The Homo Ludens Museum Project (Jannicke Johansen) & Poetry installations: Nature vs technology (Margaret Rynning, Thor Magnus Tangerås and Jan-Tore Diesen)

  • 09:40 - 10:00: Welcome and symposium opening by Kristi Bache

  • 10:00 - 11:00: Keynote talk by Dr Dominic Lees: Generative AI in the moving image arts: Collisions of ethics and creativity

  • 11:00 - 12:30: Chaired sessions:

    1/ Intermediary Whisperings: Location-based Audio Storytelling as Locative Enchantment (Rosamund Davies and Luke Clancy) & Empowering Global Filmmakers throug Real-Time Creation (Trygve Bjellvåg)

    2/ TransVariations - Music beyond the limits of time and technology (Øyvind Brandtsegg) & The Artist, The Ghost and The Machine - Interplay and symbiosis of music and technology in the ensemble Lemur (Michael Francis Duch)

    3/ Program and flexibility: Wolff Olins’ visual identity for the Tate galleries reassessed (Trond Klevgaard), The Foundations of Virtual Space in Virtual Embodiment (Jozef Euduard Masarik) & The Catalogue of Material Illusions for Fashion Spaces (Vesma Kontere McQuillan)

  • 13:30 - 14:45: Chaired sessions

    1/ In what ways does the use of AI-driven writing companions reshape the relationship between technology and the creative intuition of writers? (Olivier Chateau) & Virtual Reality as an In-Between-Space (Marie Dahlén)

    2/ Love your Latency – harmonizing from afar (Ivar Grydeland and Michael Francis Duch) & Exploring the Complex Relationship Between Art and Technology: Challenging Myths in Music Production (Jan-Olof Gullö)

  • 15:15 - 16:30: Chaired sessions

    1/ The Sounds of Ski Poles in hard Packed Snow in an Upper Manhattan Bedroom (Andreas Bergsland and Madeleine Shapiro) & The impact of AI – how will it affect the industry and the education of visual and 3D arts? (Henning Birkeland and Sigbjørn R. Galåen)

    2/ Making Sense of Online Exhibitions (Enar de Rodriguez) & Artificial Intelligens: Exploring more-than-human co-creations in a digital culture (Dr Anneleen Swillen)

  • 17:00 - 18:00: Keynote by Bull Miletic: Proxistant Vision

  • 18:30 at Skjenkestua Studentbar:
    Disobedient is a student-led event, where anyone is welcome to present or perform on stage their creative take on a given task. At AR@K24 we will recreate an intense version of Disobedient. We want you to tell us: What happened to …

Program schedule 19 March

  • The whole day: Interactive pop-up exhibition: The Homo Ludens Museum Project (Jannicke Johansen)

  • 09:00 - 10:30: Chaired session

    PRISMA: A student-centered pedagogical platform for innovation and creativity in Audiovisual Media (Hans Gunnar Brekke) & Post-Automatism: Humans versus the Machine in the Animated Film (Ole C. Haga)

  • 10:45 - 12:30: Chaired sessions

    1/ Capturing Tap – a project in progress (Morten Moen), The Digital Accomplice: The Role of Technology in the Creation of Collaborative Multidisciplinary Works (Jamie Howell and Jørund Fluge Samuelsen), & Remote Dance Improvisation Through Advanced Telematic Technologies (Bilge S. Göksülük)

    2/ Expanding Co-Creative Spaces (Notto J.W. Thelle, Tejaswinee Kelkar and Bernt Isak Wærstad) & Intermedia: Blurring the boundaries between sound/ music, visuals and text using art and technology (Jelena Perišić)

  • 13:15 - 14:45: Chaired sessions:

    1/ The Delphic Room – An Artistically Derived Metaphor (Hedvig Jalhed), Saxofon i elektronisk lydbilde (Mari Skogly and Håkon Iversen) & Trondheim Voices and Maccatrol – improvising and composing with new technology in a long-term creative community (Tone Åse)

    2/ The speaking “ghost”: Book design, materiality and the rhetoric of the format (Synne Skjulstad and Fredrik Eive Refsli) & SPIS MEG! – et samspill mellom analog og digital kommunikasjon (Lene Utigard, Annette Kriszat and Margaret Rynning)

    3/ Fryseriet/The Freezer: VR work/Digital art as agent in cultural heritage/sustainable place development (Elisabeth Brun and Ivar Kjellmo) & Creating room to think (Elin Festøy, PhD)

  •  15:00 - 16:00: Closing panel discussion

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