Kristiania University College uses an online nomination service for the nomination of exchange students. Before the students can apply for an exchange the partner institutions must nominate the students using the online nomination service.

STEP 1 – Log in

Username: Your username is the email-address. If you are not registered as a user, please contact us at

Password: To log in the first time you must order the password from the log in page. Enter your e-mail address and click on «Send password».

STEP 2 – Relevant agreement

After log in you will see the agreements your institution has with the Kristiania University College. Click on the button “Add new nomination” to nominate a student on the agreement.

STEP 3 – Register nominated students

Please take care to enter the student’s information correctly:

• e-mail address

• gender

• birth date (on the format YYYY.MM.DD)

• term(s) for admission (one or two semesters)

After completing the student’s information, click on «Add Nomination» to save the data. After about 30 minutes the system will send a confirmation e-mail to the nominated student’s e-mail address, and a copy to you. If you wish to cancel the nomination of the student, no e-mail will be sent if you cancel by clicking on the delete button (with a cross) within 30 minutes.

Please note that the data you have entered about the student cannot be edited once it has been entered by clicking on the «Add Nomination» button. If you typed incorrect data, you must delete the nomination using the delete button (with a cross) and then click “Add New Nomination” to start the process again.

STEP 4 – Upload relevant documents

Both the nominator and student have access to the application and can submit documentation at any time. It is up to the nominator to decide who should upload required documentation.

Required documents:

* Curriculum Vitae (CV)

* Short motivation letter

* Transcript of records including previous and current courses

* Sample of work (where required)

STEP 5 – Add more students

Complete Steps 2 and 3 for each student your institution is nominating. Once you have added a nomination, see the list of students you have nominated, and their status.

You may now see the details and upload documents for each student you have nominated, by clicking on the button “Documents and Details”, or nominate more students.

You may log in at any time to upload more documents and to check the application status of your nominated students.

After nomination

When you have finished the nomination, the students you have nominated will receive an email from Kristiania University College confirming that they have been nominated by your institution. The student will then have to submit their application using these instructions.
How to apply

Contact us

Questions? If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at