Kristiania has an ambition to develop leading research communities that will be able to secure research funding from the EU and the Research Council of Norway.

We will support employees in their work to develop sound research projects and applications for external research funding. We will also support the implementation of projects, the organisation of interdisciplinary meeting venues, the promotion of consideration for research ethics and will contribute to the development of research qualifications across the organisation as a whole. 

Contact information

You can reach us via e-mail:  

In the event of questions relating to calls for proposals and support with project and application development, you can also get in touch directly with the research adviser responsible for the follow-up of your school

Elisabeth Quarré Eggen           
Senior Research Adviser
Contact for the School of Communication, Leadership, and  Marketing (SCLM) and the School of Arts, Media, and Design (SADM)

Leiry Cornejo Chavez                 
Senior Research Adviser, PhD Contact for the School of Economy, Innovation, and Technology (SEIT)

Thi Ha Ngo                   
Senior Research Adviser, PhD Contact for the School of Health Sciences (SHS)
Advice concerning the promotion scheme

Martine Lorentzen       
Secretariat for the Research Ethics Committee at Kristiania Secretariat for the Norwegian Network for Research Administration (NARMA)
Course series/academic meeting places at Kristiania

Birgitte Løvlie               
Project Economist: Budgeting, control and account reporting

Barbra Noodt               
Head of Department Research Administration and Internationalisation, PhD