our user information consists of the following:

  • Username
  • Office 365 login address
  • Password


Your username is unique and follows this form:

[first two letters of first name] + [first two letters of last name] + [three-digit serial number]

John Smith could therefore have the username “josm005”.


Usernames for students in these programmes follow this form:

[first three letters of last name] + [first three letters of first name] + 18

John Smith could therefore have the username “smijoh18”.

Students who started before the autumn of 2018 retain their old usernames.


Feide is a common login for many services and systems. You use your normal username and password to log in to Feide. When logging in to Feide, it is important that you make sure you have the right affiliation in Feide, which is “Kristiania University College”. Once you are logged in to Feide on a device, all services that use Feide will be able to log in automatically without you having to re-enter your username and password.

If you are wondering what personal data is recorded in your Feide profile and how many sites you have approved to use Feide for logging in, visit http://innsyn.feide.no.

Login address:

The login address is used to identify you to Microsoft for logging in to Office 365 and must be used every time Microsoft asks you to enter your e-mail address to log in.

Your login address is “[username]@egms.no”.

Note that this login address must not be confused with your student e-mail address. Your student e-mail is “[username]@student.kristiania.no”.


When you start at the college, you will receive a password by text message. You can and should change this to something you will remember, using our user administration page.

Remember that passwords are private. They protect your data and should never be shared with others. Staff at Kristiania University College will never ask for your password.

If you suspect that someone has gained unauthorised access to your account, you should immediately change your password in user administration. You can also contact the Service Centre for assistance.