All students are given an e-mail account and address from the college. You can access your e-mail through Office 365 or using an e-mail app on your computer, phone or tablet. There are many different apps you can use to read e-mail. We provide guides below for some of the most common apps.

Click the button on our front page to open Office 365.

This e-mail account is one of the college’s main ways of communicating with you, and it is very important that you have access to it and check it regularly. We recommend that you bring all your e-mail accounts together in one app so that you have everything in one place.

Your student e-mail address is as follows:

  • [Username]

However, when you log in you must use your login address, which is as follows:

  • [Username]

Note that you can’t send e-mail to the login address.

Accordion email setup