Lars Dehli

    • Associate professor (Førstelektor)
  • Institutt for psykologi, pedagogikk og juss
  • School of Health Sciences


Lars Dehli has graduated the clinical program in psychology at the University of Oslo and UC Berkeley. He is clinical psychologist M.N.P.F. and associate professor at Kristiania University College.

He is further educated in cognitive and metacognitive therapy at the National Institute of Cognitive Therapy, and he regularly holds courses in this for psychologists, doctors and nurses. He has written several scientific articles on such treatment. He runs the company Memento Studier ( which offers such courses.

He was awarded the Bjørn Christiansen Memorial Prize for a particularly significant academic contribution from Norwegian Psychological Association (

He has the the company UpPsych ( with 2 other psychologists which develops digital tools for psychological problems.

Lars, together with Torkil Berge and Elin Fjerstad, wrote the book
"The energy thieves - how to deal with fatigue in illness and everyday life" on
Aschehoug (

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