Trygve Bjellvåg

    • Førstelektor
  • Westerdals institutt for film og medier
  • School of Arts, Design and Media


Resourceful, positive and highly adaptable academic professional
with a strong work ethic and commitment to progress. Skilled in
developing and delivering creative syllabuses – encouraging a
focus on real-world connections, IP applications and inspiring the
continuous development of young people.

Current workstreams in progress:
- Development and set-up of Kristiania University College’s first
master’s course in Game development and interactive media within
the arts sector
- Main author of a debut book on Game design and co-authorship of
a debut book on creative teaching methods.
- Development of creative teaching paper in support of ‘docent’
career progression.
- Global Game Jam Regional organiser for Scandinavia.
- Speaking engagements within companies and education – most
recently a talk for The National Library of Norway

Hands-on experience includes Dreamfall: The Longest Journey,
Anarchy Online - Lost Eden expansion pack, Age Of Conan and
The Secret World. Plus co-founding two private businesses: an
independent developer and publisher of games and applications for
smartphone and social media; and a freelance enterprise offering
visualization, animation, commercials, music videos

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