Anne Regine Klovholt

    • Assistant Professor
  • Westerdals institutt for film og medier
  • School of Arts, Design and Media


Anne Regine Klovholt is a Norwegian screenwriter, story consultant, college lecturer and Programme Head of Bachelor in Screenwriting at Westerdals Institute of Film and Media at Kristiania.

Klovholt Began her career in theatre and worked for 15 years a.o. at the National Theatre in Norway, at Royal Shakespeare Company in London/Stratford, besides avant garde theatre internationally during the 90s, which gave her an edge from working with the classics as a director and dramaturge as she embarked on screenwriting, mainly mini-series in the genre of drama with a, in Norwegian standard at the time, relatively high budget.

Her academic degree (MFA) is in Stage Directing and from the UK. For the NRK, she wrote, without co-writers, The Berlin Poplars and The Conqueror, both mini series with altogether 11 x 60 minutes on commissison. The Berlin Poplars broke the record for Norwegian viewer rate as it opened in 2009, won 1. Price in Prix Italy, received Special Commendation from Prix Europe, as well as 7 Gullruten (Norwegian television award) same year.

She has been a developer of several stories and concepts in the NRK, as well as for independent Norwegian producers, part of a storyline team in a long running afternoon series for a limited period of time, received mentor training from the previous EU Media Programme Sources 2, and has been a member of several high profile international screenwriting programmes as a writer, as well as a member of committees for Norwegian State Grants and the Norwegian award Gullruten.