Synne Skjulstad

    • Associate Professor
  • Westerdals institutt for kreativitet, fortelling og design
  • School of Arts, Design and Media


Synne Skjulstad is associate professor at Westerdals, Kristiania University College. She holds a Ph.D. in media and communication studies from dept. of Media and Communication, University of Oslo.

She currently teaches fashion media, in collaboration with the National College of Art, as well as communication design in art direction. Her research approach spans from media-, design,- and fashion studies, to practice based artistic research. Skjulstad currently (2019-2021) leads the research project Norwegian Fashion: Cultural Production & Aesthetic Media Practices, funded by the Arts Council Norway. Her work is theoretically positioned in fashion studies, design theory, aesthetics, media and communication studies, and visual/digital culture. Her current research interests include the changing nature of fashion mediation in the digital era, critical approaches to visual communication, and media aesthetics.

As for artistic research, Skjulstad’s current interests include discursive jewellery design, as well as equine photography. Skjulstad has published in journals such as Fashion Theory, International Journal of Fashion Studies, Digital Creativity, Computers & Composition and Journal of Media Practice. Her recent publications are on topics such as fashion media, Instagram art, and discursive jewellery.

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