Tuition Fees for International Students

Exemptions and regulation

Kristiania University, along with other universities in Norway, faced changes in tuition policies following the legislation passed by the Norwegian government on June 16, 2023. The new regulations required all universities, including Kristiania University, to implement tuition fees for new international students originating from outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland.

As a consequence of these changes, Kristiania University is now obligated to charge tuition fees to international students who are citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland. The adjustment aims to address the absence of state funding previously provided to offset tuition costs for this specific group of students. The tuition fee differential for students with citizenship from outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland at Kristiania University is: 

  • For the School of Arts, Design, and Media, the surcharge is 60%.
  • For the School of Health Sciences, the surcharge is 30%.
  • For the School of Communication, Leadership, and Marketing, the surcharge is 30%.
  • For the School of Economics, Innovation, and Technology, the surcharge is 30%.


Certain international students, whose citizenship is from outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland, may qualify for an exemption from the tuition fee surcharge. This exemption is contingent upon their current residency status in Norway or if they hold dual citizenship. Students meeting the specified criteria are encouraged to apply for the exemption by completing the provided form.

Applicants meeting certain criteria may be exempted from the tuition fee surcharge based on their residence in Norway or other close ties to the country. The exemption process follows the guidelines outlined in the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Act, along with national regulations governing education support. To initiate the exemption request, kindly complete the associated form and submit the required documentation.

Before initiating the application process, please review the list below to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation ready for apllication.

Who is eligible for an exemption?

Who is eligible for an exemption?

Application form

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Please direct questions related to qualifying for an exemption and the process for applying to