How to log in to WISEflow

  1. Go to WISEflow for Kristiania University College.
  2. Click on “Log in with FEIDE”.
  3. Choose “Kristiania University College” as your affiliation.
  4. Log in with your Feide user account.
    Forgotten your password?

It doesn’t recognise my username or password

  1. Check that you have chosen Kristiania University College as your affiliation.
  2. Check if you can log in to our user administration page with your Feide username and password.

Installing FLOWlock for exams

  1. Log in to WISEflow.
  2. Click on "Demo flows"
  3. Find FLOWlock and click "Requires that the FLOWlock browser is installed"
  4. Install the software and test browser.


System requirements for FLOWlock:

FLOWlock only works with Windows and Mac. Linux and Chromebooks are not supported.

Recommended web browser:

WISEflow recommends the two latest versions of Chrome or Firefox, but Safari, Edge and Opera can also be used.