Log in guide:

  1. To log in to Azure Dev Tools you will have to use your login-address ([Feide-username]@egms.no) and your password. You can not log in with your student e-mail og private e-mail.
  2. Your will be redirected to our login portal. If you are already logged in to Office 365 from us you will be directly redirected to Azure.
    If not you will get to choose log in method. We recommend Feide for students.
  3. After logging in you should have arrived at Microsoft Azure and Education Overview (see image below).
    • If you are not looking at Education Overview you can search for it in the search bar at the top of the page.
  4. Click “Software” in the Education menu to access the software.
  5. For each software you will have the option to download and/or receive a key.
    • For questions about what software you should choose please contact your lecturer.
    • You can only receive 10 keys per day. It resets every day at 9 am.
Screen shot showing Education Overview in Azure Dev Tools.

Education Overview in Azure Dev Tools.