Find reading lists in Leganto

Select "active" in the drop-down menu. Then you should get the right semester, but remember to double check the year and semester (V for spring, H for autumn).

You can find the syllabus from the previous semester, and in some cases for the coming semester, by selecting “status of the course: All".

Note! Full access to the syllabus content requires that you open the reading list from your Canvas room the first time.

Click on "pensum"(syllabus) in the menu of the Canvas room to open your reading list from Canvas.

Consequently, you will have access to all uploaded files in the reading list, as long as you are enrolled in the course and are logged in to Leganto.

Find reading lists in Leganto

Access without user

If you are a former student or for other reasons do not have an active Feide user account, but you need to see the reading lists, you can get guest access to Leganto. This access only gives you a view of the reading list and does not provide access to the full text.

Guest access to Leganto

Study Portal

In the Study Portal you will find everything you need to know about the structure and content of the studies.

The syllabus for Fagskolen Kristiania is NOT found in Leganto, but is often found in the course descriptions.

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