Briefly about installation:

  1. Download: On, you can download the Zotero software to your operating system (macOS, Linux, Windows). To be able to use Zotero, you must also download Zotero Connector, which connects the software to your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera).
  2. Synchronise: Create a user on, which further provides the ability to synchronise your collection between different devices. Enter the Zotero software, open "preferences" and enter your username and password. Your collection will now be synchronised across all the devices you have installed Zotero on, and can be further shared with your group. Read more about synchronisation.
  3. Word processing program: Once you have installed the Zotero software, a connection to the word processing program (Word, LibreOffice) will be established automatically. You should now have a new toolbar from Zotero. Read more about Zotero and word processing software.

See for more useful Zotero tips. If you have problems, you can find a lot of useful information at, and since Zotero is very popular, Google can also provide good answers. And naturally, you can always ask us in the library for help.