Line Rølvaag

    • Assistant Professor
  • Institutt for helse og trening
  • School of Health Sciences


Line Rølvaag is an Osteopath and Physiotherapist with a MSc in Medical Education. She works as an Assistant Professor at Kristiania University College.

Line has over twenty years of clinical experience from work in private clinics, hospital and Children´s Healthcare Center. For the last fifteen years she has run a well-renowned clinic at Kolbotn. Line has extensive experience in teaching at university level and as a lecturer both nationally and internationally. She lecturers for instance the fields of “osteopathy and women´s health” and “osteopathy and children”. She has been promoting osteopathy on national TV, newspapers and magazines. She has been engaged in various boards and committees and is currently part of one of the committees for O.I.A. (Osteopathic International Alliance) which is an organisation for osteopathic associations from all around the globe.

In addition to being an Osteopath D.O. and a Physiotherapist BSc, she has been studying ethics and philosophy at the University of Oslo. In 2018 she completed her master thesis in Medical Education, Medical School, University of Edinburgh.

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