Kjersti Ruud Walaas

    • Associate professor (Førstelektor)
  • Institutt for markedsføring
  • School of Communication, Leadership and Marketing


Kjersti Ruud Walaas is Head of Studies for the bachelor's program in Travel and Tourism Management and Experience Development at Kristiania University College. She is a social anthropologist and assistant professor and works with sustainable tourism, tourism development and the consequences of tourism, as well as intercultural competence and cultural understanding.

Walaas has lived in Asia and Africa and benefited from international experience in teaching, research and as editor and author of the book "Tourism, International Challenges" which she has written with Professor Jens Kr. Steen Jacobsen at UiS / TØI. Walaas has written several book chapters and has many counseling and communication assignments on tourism, tourists and sustainability.

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