If an agreement discussed below covers APC in its entirety, it means that Kristiania researchers will be able to publish their research articles openly. The APC will be covered as long as the annual quota has not been used up. The library will mark in the agreement list below when an agreement approaches the annual quota. After that, often only a discount is offered through the agreements, and the author must find funding for open publication in another way. See also section 4. under «Publiseringsveiledning» - «Fremgangsåte for å velge publiseringskanal».
If the publisher is not mentioned in the list below, there is no agreement that covers OA publishing costs via the Kristiania library. The authors can still choose to publish openly, but in this case must find funding themselves.
It is also possible to publish articles by self-archiving in Kristiania's knowledge archive (Kristiania Open Archive) (green OA).
In addition, the agreements ensure students, researchers and other employees reading rights to research articles published by these publishers.
See the Research Support pages for other information related to scientific publication as academic staff at Kristiania.
If you have any questions, contact biblioteket@kristiania.no

Open Access agreements