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Last updated: 24. March 2020 at 12.50

On Tuesday, March 24th, the government updated their measures on dealing with the Corona outbreak. All educational institutions must keep their buildings closed until April 13th. We therefore will continue offering online teaching and examinations, which works well for most of our students. We continue to work to good solutions for our students who have practical teaching.

Kristiania University College and Kristiania Professional College follow the authorities' advice in connection with the corona virus.

The crisis staff, a working group consisting of representatives from the Administration Department, the HR Department, the Department of Research Administration and Internationalisation, the Department for Student Follow-up and the Department of Marketing and Communications, was formally initiated on Thursday 27 February. Kristiania University College is prepared to implement further measures if the need should arise and to update its plans on pandemics.  

Information for applicants

There are no changes to the admission regulations as a result of the outbreak of the Coronavirus. "Samordna opptak" are working on assessing any consequences of the corona virus for applications and admissions. If changes are made to the guidelines that can affect the routines and rules for admission in 2020, this will be posted on the website.

For now, we ask applicants who will take their final exams in the spring of 2020 to stay in touch with their school and keep an eye on our website. Updated information on the Koronavirus can be found at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Contact information 

Exchange students and their relatives: 
Please contact the Department of Research Administration and Internationalisation: 
Janne Olsen: JanneKristin.Olsen@kristiania.no 

Students who suspect they are infected, or are ordered to stay home in a quarantine: 
Please contact the Department for Student Follow-up: 
Stine Karlsen: stine.karlsen@kristiania.no 

Students who are worried and need someone to talk to: 
Please contact the Department for Student Follow-up: 
Tevje Akerø: tevjejohanasli.akero@kristiania.no 

Please contact the HR Department: 
Anders Aas: Anders.Aas@kristiania.no 

Media contact: 
The Department of Marketing and Communications 
Stein-Oddvar Evensen: SteinOddvar.Evensen@kristiania.no 

Leader crisis staff:
Operations- and Security Manager:
Pål Værås: pal.waeraas@kristiania.no

Other contact information

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has established a «corona hotline» to relieve medical emergency and other parts of the health service. The number is 815 55 015.

People are asked to please read information online before calling this  number.

People who think they may be infected with the corona virus should call their general practitioner, or emergency room at 116 117.

It is highly important that people, who think they may be infected, stay home and make contact by phone. Do not show up at the doctor or in the emergency room sick.

Sikresiden.no (On the Safe Side) is a webapp that provides you with user-friendly training and advice on what you should do in emergency situations. However, you must always assess the situation yourself to decide what is the best thing to do in each individual case. The app is specially adapted to students and staff at universities and university colleges, among other things, by making the local emergency number at their institutions easily available. The information is available in Norwegian and English.