Helge Hiram Jensen

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Helge Hiram Jensen is Associate Professor in Methodology, and Academic Program Director of Bachelor in Political Science and Communication. He works broadly within the fields of Political Science and Communication.

Methodology: Jensen teaches research method, statistics and the theory of sciences, for practically oriented study programs, from Public Health, to Communication and Design. He represents SCLM in the local committee of research ethics at Kristiania University College. His doctoral thesis from 2015 inquires, among other issues, political biases in Norwegian fishery biology, as well as new knowledge about the past in Sami legal history. In 2000 he published The Student’s Handbook of Critical Thinking in Your Discipline (Studentenes håndbok i fagkritikk) at the publishing house Spartacus, while he was a member of the board of the «Seminary of the Theory of Sciences» at the University of Oslo. Francis Bacon’s dicturm «Knowledge is power» indicates the direction of Jensen’s work on methodology.

Bachelor in Political Science and Communication is being offered to students from the autumn 2021, and was developed by a group of scholars coordinated by Jensen. The students will learn applied Communication as well as academic Political Science, so as to act practically and strategically in accordance with the final commandment of the Ethical Code of Practice for the Norwegian Press: «Words and pictures are powerful weapons. Do not misuse them!». In 2005 Jensen edited the actionist handbook JAM, published by Omnipax and the National Touring Exhibitions.
Jensen has earlier been a museum pedagog, exhibition curator, newpaper columnist, chief editor, slam poet, production worker at an ice cream factory, assistant for disabled persons, and business entrepreneur within the field of theatre in education and cultural history.

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