The Artistic Research Group at Kristiania is delighted that the program for this year’s AR@K symposium on 16 March (10.00h - 17.45h GMT+1) is now ready!

We’re very excited to explore this year’s theme DISTORTED IDENTITIES/NEW DILEMMAS with an eclectic group of contributors from the artistic realms of music, film, dance, literature, architecture, fashion/design, media studies and more. What can the artistic experience tell us about our identities as artists, members of society and humans?

📲 Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the symposium will be conducted online, with both fully digital contributions and presentations streamed live from our campus in Oslo. There will be parallel sessions, each with their own stream link/channel, which you will be able to choose from. There is no participation fee. 

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Please find the complete program HERE.

Our livestream channels for the symposium:

  • Channel A - mezzanine floor
  • Channel R - room FAU-101
  • Channel @ - room FAU-308
  • Channel K - room FAU-310

🎡 We are proud to present contributors from 9 different countries, our keynote speaker and artistic presentations:

(the title of the contribution indicates the spoken language of the presentation)

  • ANNE GJELSVIK, Norwegian university of science and technology, Trondheim (NOR): Closing keynote: What Art can do. Artistic Expressions after the 22 July Terror Attacks. Based on the project Face of Terror: Understanding Terrorism from the Perspective of Critical Media Aesthetic and the book Bearbeidelser. 22. juli i ord og bilder
  • AVA MONTGOMERY, Conscious Media Consulting, LLC (USA/CAN): Trigger Warnings: Do new sensitivities mask a real social distance when it comes to insensitivities of making and consuming media?
  • BÅRD TORGERSEN, Høyskolen Kristiania, Oslo (NOR): Gneg remmets / Egne stemmer (lyddikt)
  • CHIKA DOLE, artist (NOR): Live music performance and reflections, as part of the symposium’s opening
  • CHRISTOPH SOLSTREIF-PIRKER, Graz University of Technology (AUT): “The World is Gone, I Will Carry You:” Artistic Research as Feminine-Based Performative Praxis
  • CRISTINA ARCHETTI, University of Oslo (NOR): Research & Art in a World on the Brink: Theoretical, Poetic, and Methodological Reflections from the Space-in-Between
  • DÁNIEL PÉTER BIRÓ, The Grieg Academy, Bergen (HUN/NOR): Historicized Composition and Anti-Identity Politics
  • ERIK DÆHLIN, Norges musikkhøgskole, Oslo (NOR): fra «Hinterland Archives» - bearbeidelser av et minnemateriale
  • JANNICKE JOHANSEN, Høyskolen Kristiania, Oslo (NOR): Kropp som historie - metamorfose og hermeneutikk som kunstneriske virkemidler
  • JON MIKKEL BROCH ÅLVIK, Örebro University (NOR/SWE): The Birmingham Ho and the Pop Dandy
  • KARI HOAAS, ALEXANDER KAYIAMBAKIS & SIV EBERHOLST, Høyskolen Kristiania, Oslo (NOR): Hvordan skape digitale identiteter igjennom bevegelse? - en presentasjon av det tverrfaglige prosjektet: Hvordan å kommunisere koreografisk i en audiovisuell sammenheng
  • KEVIN HEALEY & LIESE ZAHABI, University of New Hampshire (USA): Songwriting as Public Discourse Intervention: Countering COVID-19 Disinformation
  • MARCELLO MESSINA, ELIMARA LIMA DOS SANTOR, JAMES KNIGHT & LUCAS PASSOS, Federal University of Paraíba (ITA/BRA): Accupannu (a speech-based piece of experimental music)
  • MATTEO PREABIANCA, OnMuTu (ITA): China Chat, a multimedia comic book
  • OLE EGEBERG, Kristiania University College, Oslo (NOR): Quotes, Corners, a Faucet and a Sunset. Using Improvisation for Academic Research Purposes
  • OLE HENRIK RISØY SOLHEIM, Høyskolen Kristiania, Oslo (NOR): Musikkteater og maskulinitetsdiskurser i endring
  • SIGNE ALEXANDRA DOMOGALLA, Kristiania University College, Oslo (NOR): “Die Erste Heimat – Our First Home” – an autoethnographic exploration into one's roots and the concept of inherited sin.
  • SIGNE ALEXANDRA DOMOGALLA & KAI HANNO SCHWIND, Kristiania University College, (NOR): Being deutsch in Norge – a workshop-conversation about performing identity
  • VEGARD BJØRSMO, Kristiania University College, Oslo (NOR): Live music performance after the closing keynote
  • VÉSMA KONTERE MCQUILLAN, Kristiania University College, Oslo (NOR): Navigating Politics of The Front Row and Academia: A New Identity of a Fashion Researcher.


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