Picture taken at AR@K19.

Artistic Research @ Kristiania symposium in Oslo, Norway // AR@K 20

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Call for Contributions

2019 saw the successful launch of the AR@K symposium, a one-day conference and presentation-forum at Kristiania University College in Oslo, Norway. Artistic researchers from Scandinavia and beyond came together to present their artistic research projects and to explore how the discourses of research on, in and through the arts as well as the ambitions of making research more artistic could inform each other. The event brought together researchers from across disciplines with different approaches, backgrounds and methods.

We are happy to announce the next symposium for the coming year, AR@K20, on March 10, 2020, and are inviting researchers from across the fields of artistic research to participate.

Please consult our facebookevent for previous contributors and the 2019 schedule (in Norwegian).

The theme of next year’s symposium is Artistic Climate(s). How does artistic research reflect, correspond to and subvert a plethora of contemporary political, ethical, cultural and actual environmental climates? How can art help us navigate an increasingly complex world? And how do we talk and teach about art as well as facilitate a more artistic approach across the disciplines?

We are encouraging artistic researchers, academics and artists from across the fields of (but not limited to) film, theatre, music, dance, literature, linguistics, cultural studies, social sciences, technology and computer sciences, media-studies, and the realms of pedagogy to submit abstracts about possible contributions. Embedded in this call is our ambition to explore and critically assess the broader transdisciplinary approaches to knowledge production through artistic research in existing institutional structures. Hence the invitation to academic practices and disciplines beyond the traditional field of artistic practice and research. This ambition will be visible in the programming of the symposium.

The abstract must have a title and be limited to 100 words. If accepted, the presentation at the symposium should be 20 minutes in length. We encourage a variation of formats, such as performances, posters and installations (technical equipment and stage facilities are available), in addition to the traditional paper-presentations and lecture talks. Presentations requested in any Scandinavian language or English.

Please send your abstracts to kaihanno.schwind@kristiania.no (symposium curator).

The deadline to send abstracts is 31.12.2019.

Please feel free to share this call for contributions in your respective communities and to anyone who might be interested.