The module introduces the students to large-scale information systems and these are designed, deployed and how such systems evolve in organizations and markets. The students are introduced to the IS literature on information infrastructures and multisided digital platforms and ecosystems. Especially, the module covers theories of path constitution, generativity, and installed-base cultivation in order to understand and explain the dynamics of information infrastructures and digital platforms. Based on these theoretical insights, the students gain competencies for designing and governing infrastructures and platforms.



The student... 

  • will be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge of theories on information infrastructures
  • will be able to demonstrate knowledge of digital platforms and ecosystems
  • will be able to identify key challenges of IT-based service innovation in a global context


  • will be able to analyse and assess complex infrastructure cases
  • will be able to analyse and evaluate the success of multisided digital platforms, such as Google and Apple
  • will be able to develop concepts for new digital services and information infrastructures


The student..

  • will be able to discuss the theoretical issues of infrastructure theory and compare to other IS theories
  • will be able to suggest and describe a strategy for growth of a business case infrastructure, and evaluate the strategy with infrastructure frameworks

Emnet inngår i

Master of Information Systems: Management and Innovation


Block mode.

Anbefalt tidsbruk

Lectures and student guidance: 36 hours 

Self-study: 76 hours 

Preparation for presentation/discussion in class: 10 hours 

Exercise: 23 hours 

Assessment 55 hours 

Total: 200 hours


Eksamensdel: Skriftlig hjemmeeksamen i gruppe (2-4 studenter)

Varighet: Semesteret

Gradering: Nasjonal karakterskala A - F (F er ikke bestått)

Vekting: 25 % av samlet vurdering

Hjelpemidler: Alle hjelpemidler tillatt


Eksamensdel: Skriftlig individuell hjemmeeksamen

Varighet: Semesteret

Gradering: Nasjonal karakterskala A - F (F er ikke bestått)

Vekting: 75 % av samlet vurdering

Hjelpemidler: Alle hjelpemidler tillatt


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