The aim of this course is to provide the student with an opportunity to develop systematic understanding and critical awareness on the solution of a relevant problem in the student's focal area. Students will gain advanced knowledge of the research process at Master level in information systems, including a deep knowledge of selected theories. They will acquire specialized problem-solving skills, being able to plan and conduct the steps in the research or development process at a high methodological standard. They shall take responsibility to conduct a well planned and executed project at Master level.



The student...

  • is able to demonstrate critical awareness of key theories within the focal area and the interface with related fields
  • is able to demonstrate critical awareness of key theories and the interface with related fields
  • is able to identify related problems in business and public sector and assess an appropriate methodological approach


The student...

  • is able to demonstrate advanced thinking skills (e.g., synthesis, reasoning, judgement and reflection)
  • is able to demonstrate a comparative understanding of the methods of research and evaluation relevant to focal area and the chosen business case of study
  • is able to conduct, report and evaluate a programme of research and solution related to a relevant problem within a business or public sector
  • is able to demonstrate competent project management skills (e.g., set objectives, plan and manage workload(s) and deliverables, monitor outcomes and manage time)


The student...

  • is able to demonstrate the ability to integrate practical business experience with relevant theories to develop the student's professional competence
  • is able to demonstrate the ability to reflect (critically) on content, approaches, techniques and tools
  • is able to contribute to professional knowledge and practice based on own original and high quality research and practice
  • is able to take responsibility to conduct a well planned and executed project at Master level

Emnet inngår i

Master of Information Systems: Digital Business Systems

Master of Information Systems: Management and Innovation


The course will be a combination of lectures, seminars, presentations, as well as literature review and writing of the thesis. The course will be given during the fourth semester of the programme. Each student will be assigned a supervisor from the academic staff at Høyskolen Kristiania, and will have regular contact throughout the thesis.

Anbefalt tidsbruk

Lectures and student guidance: 10 hours

Self-study: 390 hours

Assessment: 400 hours

Total: 800 hours


Eksamensdel: Masteroppgave, skriftlig hjemmeeksamen samt muntlig presentasjon av oppgaven, individuell eller i gruppe (2 studenter)

Varighet: Semesteret

Gradering: Nasjonal karakterskala A - F (F er ikke bestått)

Vekting: 100 % av samlet vurdering

Hjelpemidler: Alle hjelpemidler er tillatt


See the learning outcome


Updated information on textbooks and other teaching materials is published per programme on our online learning platform before the semester starts. Information is also available per application on our website.

In addition to literature and other teaching material, scheduled teaching and other scheduled learning activities are always part of the syllabus.


It is possible for two students to work together. When two students work together, they will have the same supervisor. The individual workload is expected to be according to what is indicated in the course description. All deliverables (written and oral) shall be completed together, but it may be assign individual grades based on the oral examination.

Recommendes knowledge requirements:

  • Innovation - Concepts and Perspectives

  • IT Strategy and Architecture

  • Information Risk and Security

  • IS Infrastructures and Platforms

  • Introduction to IS Research

  • IT Governance

  • Agile Project Management

  • Social Media Management

  • Research Methods

  • Practice Period