Business Intelligence (BI) is highly important for making good decisions in organisations. Students will gain advanced knowledge of the art of decision-making, as well as the BI process and the end-user tools such as reports and dashboards. They will acquire specialised problem-solving skills and hands-on experience with a leading BI tool. They shall take responsibility to conduct a complete BI process and evaluate the business value.



The student...  

  • will be able to describe how organisations make decisions
  • will be able to define key concepts related to BI process, BI tools, and BI end-user products
  • will be able to explain how BI and Big Data can improve decision-making and create value for an organisation


The student... 

  • will be able to model BI end-user products such as reports and dashboards, and respective output
  • will be able to create BI end-user products using a leading BI tool
  • will be able to demonstrate the value of various BI end-user products


The student...

  • will be able to conduct a full BI process to support decision making in an organisation
  • will be able to critically evaluate ethical issues related to the use of BI

Emnet inngår i

Master of Information Systems: Digital Business Systems


The course is structured in block mode for four weeks. The first three weeks will be a combination of lectures, presentations in class and hands-on use of technology. The last week is for self-study and assessment.

Anbefalt tidsbruk

Lectures and student guidance: 48 hours 

Self-study: 29 hours 

Preparation for presentation/discussion in class: 30 hours 

Exercise: 40 hours 

Assessment: 53 hours 

Total: 200 hours


A state-of-the-arts BI tool


Exam type: Individual written examination 

Duration: 3 hours

Grading scale: Norwegian grading system using the graded scale A - F where A is the best grade, E is the lowest pass grade and F is fail

Weighting: 25 % of the overall grade

Support materials: No support materials are allowed


Exam type: Individual written home examination 

Duration: Semester

Grading scale: Norwegian grading system using the graded scale A - F where A is the best grade, E is the lowest pass grade and F is fail

Weighting: 75 % of the overall grade

Support materials: All support materials are allowed


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Updated information on textbooks and other teaching materials is published per programme on our online learning platform before the semester starts. Information is also available per application on our website.

In addition to literature and other teaching material, scheduled teaching and other scheduled learning activities are always part of the syllabus.