Innovation og Implementering av håndholdte it-systemer i helsevesenet

  • Project period: 2020 - 2021
  • Category: Shared Cost Project


Significant amount of resources is used nationally and internationally on health research. But research has limited value in itself; it must be communicated to clinicians to gain value. The project's main goal is to test a tool for simple and effective communication of professional procedures to clinicians. The study will investigate whether an electronic tool for procedure communication and handling has an effect on how medical doctors use, develop and update professional procedures. Three research questions will be tested. 1) Does easy access to professional procedures on smartphones and PCs lead to increased use of professional procedures among clinicians? 2) Does the electronic tool cause the professional procedures to be updated more frequently? 3) What experience does the customer have with borrowing procedures from other hospitals? The study will be carried out at a ward at a Norwegian university hospital. A questionnaire will be distributed before and after implementation of the solution. In addition, interviews will be conducted with some key players in the department.


The project is financed by Forskningsmobilisering Agder


  • Erlend Nybakk

    Project manager / Professor

    Kristiania University College

    Institutt for økonomi og innovasjon

    Erlend Nybakk
  • Anders Kvale Havig

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