Health and Academic Performance with Happy Children (HAPHC)

  • Project period: 2020 - 2023
  • Category: Applied Research


Background: Overweight/obesity in children and adolescents is a major health problem, together with a reduced physical inactivity. Studies have revealed that children learn easier, remember better and enjoy education more if physical activity is combined with teaching. In addition, the “side-effects” of increased physical activity improves health and well-being of a larger number of children. It has been shown that PAAC (Physical Activity Across the Curriculum programs increased physical activity as well as academic performance.  The Health & Academic Performance with Happy Children (HAPHC) project is based on the HOPP project and aims at enhancing the academic understanding of PAAC-programs to enable schools to implement physical activity in the curriculum, as well as the evaluation and adaptation in order to be implemented at large scale across European countries.

Methods: HAPHC is a large-scale implementation in elementary schools across three European countries - Austria, Slovenia and Belgium. HAPHC targets knowledge alliance in the area of development of pedagogical skills for the teachers for implementation in elementary schools. By replacing theoretical activities with a school-based physical activity program the children will attend physical activity while learning their curriculum. Using the school arena reaches all socioeconomic layers with the potential of reducing inequality in health. Impact of project: The HAPHC project aims at promoting public health within physical activity, inactivity, diet and prevention of non-communicable diseases among children throughout elementary schools across


  • Per Morten Fredriksen

    Per Morten Fredriksen

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    Per Morten Fredriksen
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