• Senior Adviser Project Development Siri Svanemyr Eriksen
    Siri works on external funding. She can provide assistance with project development aimed at calls for proposals from the EU, the Research Council of Norway, the regional research funds, etc. Siri can provide guidance on how to develop a project idea, how to demonstrate the project’s benefit for society (impact), and how to choose a fitting project structure, as well as project activities and budgeting.  Siri can also help identify which programmes and calls for proposals are relevant to your level of maturity and project idea.

  • Senior Adviser Thi Ha Ngo
    Thi works on internal and external funding. She can assist with applications for strategic funds internally and applications to the Research Council of Norway and other external sources of funding. Thi can also help with budgeting and reviewing applications. She is the institution’s LEAR (Legal Entity Appointed Representative) and is responsible for publication of content on the web pages under Research Groups and Research Projects.

  • Senior Adviser Linda Andreassen
    Linda performs a wide range of research administrative tasks, including tasks related to internal and external funding. She is the institution’s Cristin superuser, secretary of the research ethics committee, and can advise on matters pertaining to data protection and privacy in research, academic publishing, open publishing, contracts, promotions, and much more.