Per Morten Fredriksen

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Per Morten is a physiotherapy graduate from the Oslo University College and Akershus and a sports graduate from the Military Defense Forces and Norwegian Sports College (NIH), with a doctorate from NIH. In addition, he has an international master's degree in health management, health economics and politics from the University of Oslo, as well as basic psychology from the same place.

He is a specialist in pediatric physiotherapy and has almost 20 years of research experience on physical activity and physical performance in children and adolescents, both healthy and with congenital heart defects from Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet.

Per Morten has p.t. 75 publications in national and international journals. His current and future research is mainly about the effect of school performance on physical activity, health promotion, physical activity in children in Norway compared to other countries, physical effect and children with ADHD, health effect of doping and the effect of early rehabilitation in bedridden elderly.

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