Knut Arild har tatt en Master of Business Administration (MBA) med Høyskolen Kristiania Nettstudier
Knut Arild has taken a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) through e-learning and cannot recommend it enough.

Name: Knut Arild Flatjord

Course: Master of Business Administration

– An MBA should be mandatory for all top-level leaders, Knut Arild says.

He has studied for his Master’s for the past two years, simultaneously working full-time and being a dad.

– Studying online was both practical and flexible, and it suited my life situation perfectly. I was able to catch up on my curriculum whenever it suited me, Knut Arild explains.

Noticed on the job market

An MBA is perfect for anyone aiming for a managerial role. Knut Arild already had such a position, however he wanted to enhance his leadership skills. He was able to achieve this through online learning.

– This degree is excellent for those who wish to work as a leader or enhance their skills, he says, finding he’s become more attractive on the job market thanks to his MBA.

Since graduation, he has received numerous job inquiries from other companies.

Joint venture with Heriot-Watt University

Kristiania University College offers a top-notch Master of Business Administration in cooperation with Heriot-Watt University. This joint venture was important to Knut Arild as Heriot-Watt is a renowned university.

He now feels like he has the tools and skills needed to make the right leadership decisions.

– This degree has given me a brand new approach in regards to my role as a manager. I perceive the organisation from a different perspective and I understand the dynamics much better, he says.

Professional and organisational

As an online student, Knut Arild got the opportunity to attend seminars in order to collaborate with other students, something he deemed essential in order to fully benefit from the courses.

– I found Høyskolen Kristiania to be professional and highly capable of organising seminars during my time there. In addition, they also have excellent online portals where you can easily find and share information, he says.

During his time as a student he got to know several co-students whom he collaborated with.

– Having someone to discuss the various topics and issues with is a positive thing, he says.

The mindset of a leader

This degree combines courses in leadership and finance as well as providing the candidates with a solid platform on to which they can develop their careers in leadership.

– You gain the mindset necessary to be a top-level leader. I’ve found good use for all the skills I learned, especially given the fact that the course is very hands-on with the world of business.

He commemorates the course highly, recommending both it and Kristiania University College.

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